Keith Moore, President of KDM & Associates, LLC ,and founder of Open Government TV has been helping companies win federal contract awards for 10 years. The firm’s largest project award was a one billion dollar contract with the Department of Energy awarded to a minority owned firm called RSIS in 2007. Today, Keith Moore, a nationally renown small business advocate, business development and government a!airs expert communicates his firm’s grasp of public policy as founder of Open Government TV. OGTV (, is the first internet TV program in America to film, and promote the White House’s Executive Order on the Open Government Directive by concentrating on public policy designed to advance small business, and create jobs. OGTV as a Division of KDM, a web based video platform, engages large businesses, and helps small businesses succeed in government contracting. KDM, thanks in part to the new digital media, and social media, stakeholder broadcasting expertise from its team, is well positioned to provide direct solutions to the government, and help large businesses meet their small business goals. OGTV also helps NGO’s like UNCF Empower Me Tour, HBCU’s like NC A&T and Morgan State meet their mission using the OGTV internet and social media platform, and fund development team. OGTV is a Division of KDM & Associates.


Carolyn Haymon, has served for over 20 years in the industry working for government agencies like Department of Treasury in the procurement division, and The McKenzie Group providing consulting services to full scale conferences. Haymon has experience in marketing, sales and customer services.



Michael Tucker is Director of Multi-media Services. The two-time Emmy award-winning writer and producer is a journalism instructor at Bowie State and Howard universities, as well as, a seminar instructor for the Capitol Hill Internship Program. Tucker is a former reporter and editor for The Detroit News and USA Today and a former press secretary in the U.S. Congress. A prolific writer and producer, Tucker’s credits include broadcast projects such as documentaries, teleplays talk/feature programming, and stage plays. He earned his BA from Brooklyn College and his MA from George Mason University. 



Timothy Maurice Webster is the Author of three brand leadership books and Columnist who consults & speaks at the intersection of three key leadership pillars; Values formation, Style Manifestation and Brand Position. Timothy’s background in branding, design and psychology is inspired by his graduate studies at South African Image Institute and his undergraduate work at Brookstone College. His leadership ideas inspire dialogue and asks his stakeholders (readers, clients) to go to the outskirts of their consciousness in order to consider new scope for their personal and organizational brands. Timothy works between South Africa and the United States. His research is particularly influential in gender equality (women's leadership), youth leadership and global brand positioning. He founded the youth leadership foundation Armabrand inspiring youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to see themselves as engaged citizens with inherent capacity. Timothy's global alliance with Open Government TV based in Washington DC serves to align his global vision of ensuring those with influence and those who desire have the capacity to shape a world of equality.




Pamela Hongsakul specializes in executive coaching, communications, and change leadership and is known in the community for her courses in Diversity, and Executive Instincts. Hongsakul is a native English speaker with functional fluency in Thai. Prior to working as an executive coach, she worked for 5 years in counseling and guidance in the public sector in the United States and 15 years in marketing and media forcorporations in the United States and Thailand. Hongsakul’s company, Hongsakul Media, publishes 'LAW Magazine', a leadership training tool which is written by and for public leaders across six continents. Hongsakul received her BA degree in Psychology and Business from Angelo State University and studied Educational Psychology at Texas State University Graduate School. She also has a certificate in The Art & Practice of Leadership Development from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.



Dannie James is CEO of JE Group, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned project management firm with government acquisition training expertise. James has over 17 years of government acquisition and procurement experience and travels extensively throughout the United States and the Middle East to deliver federal training programs on the acquisition process and procurement best practices. Twenty-two years as a soldier, much of which was spent as a Government Contracting Officer for the United States Army, was not a career that James took lightly. From that experience James understands what it means to lead from the front and establish relationships with your soldiers; where loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor, integrity and courage are crucial. These values still remain today as JE Group dedicates its service to supporting its clients’ goals and objectives. The ability to deliver a sustainable model that supports the acquisition full life cycle (contract management, contract compliance, and contract administration) is the backbone of JE Group’s success.

Steve Kolb ( is Video Production Chief and brings more than 30 years of experience as a photographer and videographer, having documented the accomplishments of dignitaries, heads of state, and business and community leaders. The former charter school teacher parlayed his involvement with the 2004 national election to produce MediaEdge, a weekly, two-hour video magazine which airs in the Sacramento market. Kolb received his Master’s degree from the University of Southern California and the BA degree from UCLA.



Anika Lalmansingh is the Research Scientist Specialist for OGTV.  She received her PhD in Biopsychology from the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York and subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Virginia. Throughout her scientific career,Dr. Lalmansinghhas been committed to young people in her community to enhance their interestand involvement in science.  Dr. Lalmansingh is thrilled to bring her scientific knowledge and experience to the OGTV team to assist their efforts in promoting more underrepresented minorities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), to drive greater diversity and competitiveness in the United States workforce. 



Often called "a visionary & weaver," Dr. Ronnie B. Lowenstein has pioneered interactive technologies as tools of transformation and championed STEM partnerships as the strategy of change. Throughout a career spanning research, policy, and practice; she has fostered innovation, systems thinking, and systemic reform creating an ecology of community transformation. Whether serving as a consultant to public and private institutions nationally or internationally, Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein has promoted private-public partnerships as a strategy expert for over 15 years she worked with NASA’s programs CAN & NASA SEMAA, as an appointee to the Education Partnership Committee and the International Space Station Task Force for Education, as well as, a reviewer for grant proposals for the Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) and innovative K-12 Cooperative Agreements Notices . In 1999, Lowenstien launched a youth leadership initiative entitled "NetGeneration Youth" (NGY) to address the digital divide with a dual mission to cultivate Youth as Global Citizens, STEM Ambassadors, and Media Literate Leaders in a Digital Age; and to empower educators as designers of 21st century curriculum. Three model best practice programs evolved: in 2007 NASA ISS invited a demonstration program for the International Space Station; in 2010 the US Department of State funded expansion of the program through their Global Connections Exchange Africa initiative, and in 2011 Innovations for Education supported a STEM Leadership Challenge engaging the NGY Global Community of Practice from across the US, South Africa, Zambia and Uganda.


Roland Millman is a Filmmaker and owner of Bright Screen Productions. Millman has served entertainment, commercial & TV clients in New York, Germany , and Washington,D.C. for over 25 years. He is a creative cinematographer, fast nonlinear editor and a Final Cut Pro pioneer. He has produced and directed documentary films and live events and developed DVDs. He speaks German, French, English and Yiddish. Roland travels regularly between the United States and Europe to direct and participate in productions. Millman brings to the OGTV Team a unique mix of production organization skills and technical expertise. 
Maslow Media Group, Camera, Video Editor, DP and Graphic Artist 2009 – Present 
Ralph Gladitz/ARD – “Warren Buffet & Bill Gates” Documentary, DP 2010 DC 360, 
Washington Public Affairs Show, LD, Tech. Advisor, Cameraman 2009 – 2010 
Crews Control – Munich, Producer/Camera 2008 – Present
Bavarian Rundfunk Inter/Aktion, Producer/Cameraman, DP 2008 – 2009

Richard G. Portis is an exemplary leader and advocate of Veterans Employment/Entrepreneurship Outreach & Training programs. His effective communication style and expertise in issue analysis and creative solution implementation are evident in his extensive experience as a project consultant in the government, corporate, and non-profit sectors. As the Director of XXI-C Industries, Richard brings 30 years of leadership experience, revenue generation, and innovative development strategies to benefit thousands of Pennsylvania veterans re-entering the civilian workforce and becoming successful business owners. 

In addition to managing his own company, Richard developed, launched and managed The Veterans Entrepreneurial Training Project (VETP) as a project consultant for Robert Morris University in 2003. A certified business coach and administrator, Richard managed and facilitated the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac entrepreneurship training program for over 500 veterans and persons seeking to start, launch, and grow their business endeavors.

Sean McKoy, a production expert and programming innovator who has been involved in the media industry for 10 years, founded Reel Mckoy Media as a brand for "innovative" television. He has worked with major networks including the WB, CBS and NBC Universal to provide technical and creative insight into new production and network shows including news. Over the years his clients have included industry moguls such as Viacom, Comcast, NBC Universal, Ford, Maserati, Harley Davidson, Aston Martin, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, and Subaru just to name a few. In 2010, Sean shifted gears to be the change needed in the television and entertainment industries to fill the void of educational and entertaining programs available to our young generation. The Reel Mckoy Media company focuses on Television, Media, and Commercial production along w/ creating content via Film and Television Edutainment. Reel Mckoy Media also creates and produces content for numerous Fortune 500 company’s Corporate Social Responsibility missions along with creating multi media curricula for city initiatives, school districts, and other educational institutions to cater to their technological and "innovative" enrichment needs.