TAIT Turns To Federal Contracting To Stimulate Job Growth
Tait & Associates, Inc. (TAIT)

Tait & Associates, Inc. (TAIT), a family-owned business located in Orange County California, has
personal experience when it comes to the various business economic cycles that have taken place over
the past 40 years. As such, TAIT has not only been through a couple of economic downward cycles,
but has also come out on top at the end of them. The most valuable tool TAIT has used for navigating
through the down cycles has been its service diversification - our ability to provide client services that
are in high demand, coupled with our market flexibility, have proven to be very effective. In addition,
TAIT continues to expand on its original vision to be the “best of the best” and reaffirm its long history of
high ethics, integrity and quality.

Today, while many companies are struggling for solutions, TAIT has decided to shift gears and invest
more of its time, energy and resources into the country’s job growth incentive by actively pursuing the
federal contracting market, in addition to its current incentives in land development and retail
development programs. Rich Tait, Vice President, shared the following, “we have decided to turn to the
federal contracting market and are doing so with the confidence that we bring to the market over 40
years of experience with satisfying clients, managing large complex projects and offering multiple
services to crucial markets such as environmental and civil engineering.”

In looking at the federal contracting opportunities and public policy initiatives related to Education,
Healthcare and Alternative Energy, TAIT is confident it can provide solutions in these industry sectors.

TAIT has vast experience in providing environmental remediation, compliance, training, advisory,
geographic information services, engineering, and construction management, as well as working with
federal, state and local public agencies.

To ensure success in the federal sector, TAIT enlisted the help of KDM & Associates (KDM) from
Washington D.C. who have 80 years of experience and are experts at navigating through government
contracting opportunities. KDM is a Minority Business Enterprise who has a “Team Approach” to its
operations. As a result of this collaboration, we now find ourselves leading a $2 Billion task order
pursuit as a prime contractor with a team of small businesses across the country. “Due to our decision
to turn to the federal market, we are now opening up additional offices in different states,” said Rich Tait.
“We believe this market is encouraging”. Tom Tait added, “In fact, we now believe that we can become
a $100 Million firm within the next five years.”

Tait & Associates, Inc. was founded by Dr. Kenneth E. Tait, PE, Ph.D. in 1964. TAIT has consistently
maintained its rank as one of the premiere environmental firms and a top engineering firm in Orange
County. For over 40 years, TAIT has been providing solutions to client’s complex environmental issues,
as well as providing multi-site and multi-acre project development, design work, environmental
compliance, and program management for national and international clients. With offices across the
country, our network of professionals can work on your projects, nationwide. To learn more about TAIT visit

October 21, 2011
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