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In early January 2003, Rodney P. Hunt, President and CEO of RS Information Systems, Inc. (RSIS) received an
official call from Energy Secretary Abraham congratulating him on being awarded (RSIS) awarded a $409
million contract to provide mission-critical information technology support to the U.S. Department of Energy
(DOE). The award of the highly competitive Information Technology Integrator Support Services (ITISS)
requires a staff of approximately 700 professionals, and is a consolidation of several existing and related IT
contracts. It is one of the largest federal information technology services contracts ever awarded to a small

On January 8, 2004, KDM & Associates, LLC, a NJ based business development, government affairs
consulting, and public relations firm signed a two year Agreement to provide business development and public
affairs consulting services to RSIS. Founding President of KDM & Associates, LLC Keith Moore is quoted as
saying, “similar to Mr. Hunt and their DOE award in January of 2003; this contract with RSIS is a defining
moment for KDM & Associates, LLC”. We are fortunate to have our experts work on their behalf and help
RSIS become a billion dollar enterprise. Our team is experienced and passionate about achieving success for its
clients” The KDM team will be responsible for advancing RSIS into new markets such as DOD (Army), and
expanding their base in DOE, DOC, GSA, and other private sectors and governmental agencies throughout the

KDM & Associates, LLC founded in 2001 is known throughout the country for their expertise in helping clients
to advance economic development projects. Their mission is to act as a catalyst to remove barriers to successful
implementation. KDM & Associates LLC, and its strategic alliance members are dedicated to advancing its
client’s corporate visibility, delivering effective marketing strategy, and providing public affairs consultation.
KDM & Associates, LLC and its associates combined have over 60 years of experience with procurement and
legislative affairs experience.

Founded in 1992, RSIS is an African American-owned business with a diverse professional talent base of 1,400
professionals that includes 65 percent minorities, women and veterans. A privately held company, RSIS’
revenue rose to nearly $190 million in 2002, with a contract backlog of $700 million in future revenues, not
including their new DOE contract of $409 million, which is one of the largest federal information technology
services contracts ever awarded to a small business. Washington Technology places RSIS among the Top 100
federal IT contractors nationally. Black Enterprise Magazine list RSIS as one of the fastest growing African-
American companies in the country.

In the January 15, 2003 press release about the RSIS DOE award, Secretary Abraham is quoted saying,
“Small businesses are the heart of the American economy,” “Making contract opportunities available
to the small business community is one of my priorities at DOE. RSIS presently holds funded contracts
valued in excess of $1.2 billion in future revenues and will look to KDM & Associates, LLC to help the
reputed IT firm compete as a prime contractor and to strategically team RSIS with the right players in
the industry. Keith Moore, President of KDM & Associates, LLC confidently believes that “RSIS is
off to a great 2004 by investing in their team to help RSIS reach their goals”.

October 21, 2011
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