Strategic Business Assessment Overview.
Strategic Plan

Strategic Business Assessment Overview

A Strategic Business Assessment will provide our clients, a detailed market overview of opportunities specific to the federal market.  We have also targeted our research on working with prime contractors in the federal space who make perfect sense to become your firm’s potential strategic teaming alliance partner. 

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Business Assessment will initiate a process for determining your firm’s short and long term goals for the federal market. Our execution of the Assessment will identify best strategies to approach these goals and the marketplace defined.   Our Assessment plan will assess current strengths and weaknesses; and then devise a methodology for amplifying the strengths while we mitigate or improve on market weaknesses. This strategic plan will be used to manage and organize present activities to meet the projections of the desired future. It is vital to develop and establish a plan because it is very easy to become distracted and disoriented in the government market. Many ad hoc opportunities may arise which will present the possibilities of short-term benefit, but these may not lead us to the long-term objective of realizing sustained business.

Goals & Objectives

At the beginning of each engagement, KDM-GBC seeks to clearly understand its client’s goals, objectives, and motivations for entering the government market. This is necessary for measuring whether the stated goals are realistic and attainable based on the current spending trends in the government market. The identification of goals is an essential process because we never have complete knowledge and understanding of all factors that influence the government or our clients. As much as is possible, KDM-GBC seeks to identify those goals that are attainable and sustainable, and this is at the core of our approach.

Implementing the Marketing Strategy for Gaining Advantage

To implement the marketing strategy, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Identify the agencies which have a predictable demand for your firm’s core services.  Research will be done to identify what procurement strategies have been employed, and what the possible drivers have been.
  2. Examine the projections of the agencies to identify which of your firm’s services then intend to buy in FY 2011 and 2012. If the agency gives no indication that they plan to buy your firm’s services, we should contact them to introduce the opportunity to develop a white paper to drive a social media solutions.
  3. When we identify possible opportunities, then we must also identify if set-aside requirements have been determined to support your firm’s Strategic Business Assessment for projected opportunities. JE Group as a SDVOB will create a unique and underserved market opportunity within the government.
  4. Introduce your firm using our strategic plan to approach agency’s contracting representatives and end users using a customized Capability Statement. We will then ask our point of contact to lobby the contracting officer to write the solicitation to the advantage of M80-OGTV’s, or its small business alliance partner.
  5. Respond to a market survey (if applicable)
  6. Respond to solicitation when it becomes available.

    The KDM-GBC method of winning contracts in based on factual data that can be converted into business intelligence. The advantage of selling to the government is that most of the data on its acquisition habits must be reported – and once we know where and how to look, any vendor can become very knowledge about procurement practices.

Industry Snapshot

A detailed Strategic Business Assessment will provide a snapshot of services that are aligned with your firm’s core services with the government market and how the government purchases these service. This section will also discuss the total spending in the area and how the government intends to buy this service in the future.

Unique Challenges

The unique challenge of entering the government market as opposed to the private sector, is a company’s ability to adapt to the rules and regulations of a diverse market.  The overall understanding of how to market, and deliver services or products to government agencies, leave most businesses at a disadvantage.  In an attempt to help businesses, the government has put in place the use of set-aside designations and goals across all agencies.  In addition, education is provided by federal agencies such as the Small Business Administration (S.B.A), which also regulates formal certifications such as the 8(a) and HubZone program.  Education is the key to success, but most businesses in an attempt to continue the business of their core competence, have very little time to learn what it takes to be successful in this market.

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October 21, 2011
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