KDM Announces New Website Division with New Website Launch

After 10 years of providing business development, government affairs, and public relations,  KDM & Associates, LLC has invested in a strategic partnership with June Springs Multi Media,  a company that focuses on offering business solutions to newbie entrepreneurs, start-up and big companies, and even those design firms in the same industry.  KDM has become an official marketing representative for June Springs Multi Media.  JSMM will provide web development, social media support, video spokespersons, and graphic design for the KDM’s public relation’s Division., and new Product’s Division.

June Springs Multi Media founder and CEO Jay Arenas is a branding expert for more than a decade. Jay has handled international companies worldwide providing them business solutions ranging from advertising graphics, web design, computer programming and professional video spokespersons.

The fascination about discovering June Springs is that I learned about JSMM from reading one of the blog sites on the OGTV Daily News, says Keith Moore, founder of OGTV and CEO of KDM & Associates.  The energetic yet laid back approach that the JSMM Team takes is engaging and really helps our customers feel confident in the delivery of services”.

KDM has created a new KDM Products Division, and June Springs will offer KDM promotional products on the JSMM website to reach the 4,000 hits per week. Jay envisioned June Spring Multimedia to become an international giant in the industry by building long lasting relationship with its clients, partners and help them achieve their business projections through his company's services.   CEO Jay Arenas has dedicated time to train his team in meeting and satisfying the requirements of every June Spring Multimedia client."June Spring Multimedia aims for excellence at all times. We are known for our professionalism and capability to meet clients' requirements. We thrive on creative challenges nurtured by our friendly camaraderie at the workplace. Our work is a product of highly qualified team players and built on good relationship with clients." - Jay Arenas, Founder and CEO

Jay takes pride in superior customer service. His professionalism, passion, and hard work have influenced his team to strive for excellence, strong brands, and quality.  Open Government TV, less than 18 months old,  intends to increase its customer base, launch its new KDM Products Division, and expand its new website traffic significantly as a result of the new partnership with June Springs Multi Media, says KDM CEO, Keith Moore.

October 21, 2011
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