Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) and Open Government TV (OGTV) Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Science, Engineering and Technology in the 21st Century Economy
EIC and OGTV will partner on projects to connect public policy leaders and underrepresented constituencies with the power of science, engineering and technology to enhance the next generation workforce and inspire American innovation 
Washington, D.C. (August 31st, 2012) --- OGTV and EIC will spotlight health education and economic disparities among underrepresented communities and build strategic collaborations to advance solutions for the 21st century. The partners are bringing their compatible missions together to create powerful change through compelling and engaging media. EIC was created to bring the power and influence of the entertainment industry and media to bear on health and social issues. OGTV was created to engage, educate, and empower by building partnerships and ‘connecting the disconnected’ in the 21st century economy, using media to advance science, engineering and technology education information, high growth entrepreneurship opportunities, and public policy essential for business growth, and diversity. Together, these organizations will launch science, engineering and technology into the next phase of American inspiration and innovation. They will strive to increase communication among public policy leaders and encourage greater interest in these subjects by all citizens, with a special focus on minority and underrepresented populations. 
"We at OGTV are thrilled to partner with EIC. This is a unique opportunity to bring together over 30 years of multi-media experience, and well-known entertainment personalities, to highlight public service, innovative business and industry initiatives, and promote workforce development and entrepreneurship. The partnership will advance a media campaign to MOVE science, technology, engineering, and math in America during a time where the country has an all hands on deck effort to increase our global competitiveness through innovation, STEM education and entrepreneurship," said Keith Moore, President and CEO, Open Government TV http://www.opengovtv.com
“OGTV and EIC share common priorities and interests in encouraging the adoption of attitudes and behaviors that influence all citizens through strategic communication initiatives on health and social issues. Each organization has unique competencies through which it addresses its related goals,” said Brian Dyak, President and CEO, Entertainment Industries Council. 
This strategic partnership will serve to open communication channels to support and/or collaborate on educational, research and promotional efforts at the national, state, and/or local levels, as well as capitalize on the individual strengths of each organization to achieve its principal goals. 
About Entertainment Industries 
Council EIC, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1983 by leaders of the entertainment industry to bring the power and influence of the industry to bear on communication about health and social issues. The organization is considered to be the chief pioneer of entertainment outreach and one of the premiere success stories in the field of entertainment education. EIC provides information resources for entertainment creators through innovative and time-proven services and methods of "encouraging the art of making a difference" from within the entertainment industry. EIC produces the simulcast national television special PRISM Awards Showcase which addresses accurate portrayals of prevention, treatment and recovery from drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and mental health concerns. The organization also produces the S.E.T Awards, honoring positive and nonstereotypical portrayals of science, engineering and technology. 
EIC also addresses issues such as diabetes, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, foster care, women's health, firearm safety and injury prevention, sun safety and skin cancer prevention, human trafficking, terrorism and homeland security, eating disorders and obesity, seat belt use and traffic safety, and HIV/AIDS prevention. The organization has also launched an initiative to increase the public profile and interest in science, engineering and technology. EIC’s web site is www.eiconline.org. The PRISM Awards web site is www.prismawards.com.


August 31, 2012

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