Open Government TV and STEMconnector™ Partner at This Year’s STEM Solutions Summit
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Washington, D.C.-- Open Government TV (OGTV) will work with STEMconnector™ by providing coverage of this year’s STEM Solutions Summit. The leadership summit that focuses on the core values of science, technology, engineering, and math will take place in Dallas, Texas from June 27-29. This new event will be presented by US News in collaboration with more than 40 organizations representing industry and education. “STEM Solutions are essential as STEM Education is at our core for our today’s and tomorrow’s. With nearly a $trillion dollars a year dedicated to STEM Education, we need Solutions and Results. That is why we are proud to co-host the Summit and spend every minute at STEMconnector™ leveraging resources and results. We are thrilled to partner with Open Government TV in our mutual mission,” added Edie Fraser, CEO of STEMconnector™.
The mission of STEMconnector™ is to “provide information and resources that increase communication, encourage collaboration, and promote sustainable and replicable approaches to STEM education interventions.” Open Government TV, one of the first online media channels of its kind, was produced to “engage, educate, and empower businesses of all sizes in both the public and private sector in order to help create jobs and restore the nation’s economy.”
At the summit, OGTV will film and conduct major interviews. Keynote speakers include: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor in Chief; U.S. News & World Report, Brian Kelly, Editor and Chief Content Officer, U.S News World Report, and many of the national fortune 50 companies will be in attendance, as well as, leading educational organizations such as: ACT, Apollo Group, The College Board, NAFEO, and others. The conference will serve as the online educational platform to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information pertaining to the significant shortage of STEM skills in the American workforce and how to encourage students towards careers in the above fields. OGTV will film the 100 Women Leaders in STEM launch in celebration of Women in STEM.
This alliance between Open Government TV and STEMconnector™ at the 2012 STEM Solutions Summit will allow for the public advancement of discussion regarding resolutions towards attracting children and young adults, particularly minorities and women, into the career fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. By filming and putting the conference online, the goal of reaching out the masses will be better achieved. Keith Moore, Founder of Open Government TV says about the STEM Solution Summit, “OGTV is delighted to build a working collaboration with STEMconnector™ as their Wikipedia-based online resources will become invaluable to our national campaign to MOVE STEM In America.
For more information on this year’s summit, please refer to
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June 25, 2012
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