Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein Joins OGTV To Help Advance Strategic Partnerships
Ronnie Lowenstein
Often called "a visionary & weaver," Dr. Ronnie B. Lowenstein has pioneered interactive technologies as tools of transformation and championed STEM partnerships as the strategy of change. Throughout a career spanning research, policy, and practice; she has fostered innovation, systems thinking, and systemic reform creating an ecology of community transformation. 
Whether serving as a consultant to public and private institutions nationally or internationally, Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein has promoted private-public partnerships as a strategy expert for over 15 years she worked with NASA’s programs CAN & NASA SEMAA, as an appointee to the Education Partnership Committee and the International Space Station Task Force for Education, as well as, a reviewer for grant proposals for the Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) and innovative K-12 Cooperative Agreements Notices . 
In 1999, Lowenstien launched a youth leadership initiative entitled ‘‘NetGeneration Youth” (NGY) to address the digital divide with a dual mission to cultivate Youth as Global Citizens, STEM Ambassadors, and Media Literate Leaders in a Digital Age; and to empower educators as designers of 21st century curriculum. Three model best practice programs evolved: in 2007 NASA ISS invited a demonstration program for the International Space Station; in 2010 the US Department of State funded expansion of the program through their Global Connections Exchange Africa initiative, and in 2011 Innovations for Education supported a STEM Leadership Challenge engaging the NGY Global Community of Practice from across the US, South Africa, Zambia and Uganda. A five year partnership with theNational Student Leadership Conference has provided scholarships to NGY Scholars to attend National Summer Leadership Camp Institutes at universities to explore Engineering and International Diplomacy. 
As President of the Education Technology Think Tank, Dr. Lowenstien collaborated with the Congressional Black Caucus Education Braintrust (1997-2006) on design and implementation of national forums that spotlighted NASA programs and leaders at Forums and through Congressional Awards. 
“We at OGTV are excited to know the impact that Dr. Lowenstein will make on our ‘Move STEM In America’ national initiative, and on our global reach to prepare our future workforce with real time and real world experience”. According to OGTV founder, “Ronnie will work closely with me to manage the growing number of relevant partnerships and collaborations we recognize will be required to deploy a full scale national and international STEM engagement and empowerment media program. “Lowenstien says about joining the OGTV team, “the scope of my experiences in research, policy, practice and advocacy for underserved communities convinces me of the value of OGTV to catalyze collaborations and create synergies that will enable all of us to achieve together what no one organization can do alone!”


March 28, 2013

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