"Keith is a a passionate information provider who believes in exploring political, economic and social issues through ideas and involvement. He does not run from controversial topics nor cower before power. Confidence in his skills and network keep him grounded and true to his bottom-line mission----presenting the voices of community, business and Capitol Hill to establish meaningful dialogue and, hopefully, find solutions to contemporary challenges."

Mike Tucker, Writer & Content Producer, Tucker Multimedia LLC, Springfield, VA

"I think true partnerships like OGTV and Reel Mckoy Media stand for true INNOVATION. Both organizations are committed to creating content to encourage corporate social responsibility and also align our corporate capabilities to showcase "technology" and "Education" via the private and public sectors."

Sean Mckoy

"Keith is one of the single most inspiring, amazing humans to grace us. He is an outstanding visionary capable of motivating his organization towards success. Keith's tireless efforts and drive to win will no doubt make KDM and Associates and Open Goverment TV achieve its goals. I believe he helps the ordinary become extraordinary. In behalf of the June Spring Multimedia."

Jay Arenas, President, CEO, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Search Engine, Call Center | 12,500+ | 25+ Million Network

"Mr. Moore does excellent work and is results oriented. I found him to be dependable and very focus. He would be an asset to any company or potential client."

Mirinda D. Jackson, MBE Compliance Manager at Prince Georges County County